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How to Pick A Place You Will Love

Find A Place You Will Love

Finding the right place for you can be tough, and we understand that! Here are 5 tips to pick a place you will love:


  1. What setting are you accustomed to?

    Do you currently live in the city or suburbs? Choosing and environment you are used to will help you feel at home. Choosing a city setting when you normally live in a suburb may be fun for a couple days, but do you think you can live like that for your entire stay? We have plenty of locations with different settings just for that reason – so you can feel at home away from home!

  2. Who are you taking with you?

    Your choice of temporary housing may change depending on who is coming with you. Do you have family coming with, or will you be alone? We have plenty of locations with that have family friendly activities going on almost daily! Just ask our customer reps for what they recommend for your family. You can always visit the local events website of the city of your choice to see what is going on at the time of your stay. (example:

  3. What Amenities do you need?

    When it comes to making yourself comfortable, certain amenities are a must! Need housekeeping? How about a fitness room/pool? Give us a call, and let us know what types of amenities you are looking for. You can bet we have a place just for you!

  4. What activities do you love?

    To pick a place you will love, you need to find activities around that location that you love! Do you like hiking? Pick a place by a forest preserve or by the beach. Enjoy a night out on the town? You should choose a location near night-time entertainment. Just give us a call at 800-516-7356 and we can help you find a place that has you favorite activities nearby!

  5. What type of person are you?

    Introvert or extravert, we have a place for you! If you love interacting with people, choose a place that is close to the city’s main events, or somewhere that has plenty of public parks and free festivities. If you like your privacy, pick a place that has private pools, private gardens or balconies where you can enjoy a peaceful night by yourself. Trust us when we say we have a place to fit those needs as well!

Moving to a new place takes some thought, and we would like to help you find the best place to fit your needs! Take your time and think about the above questions, then let us know what you find out!

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