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insurance housing for familiesInsurance Housing Solutions- Feel At Home With Home Networks

If you are a displaced policy holder, Home Networks will find a temporary insurance housing solution that is close to your home, and will provide you with all necessary furnishing and appliances—from beds to toasters! We are committed to providing you with immediate and cost-effective housing option for your stay of 30 days or more.

Your customer service is always provided directly from Home Networks.  We accept calls during days, nights, and weekends and are committed to serving all of your temporary housing needs. Home Networks is focused on securing the most appropriate property for a family, and assures a comfortable environment. With our 24/7 staffing, cleaning staff and modern comfortable furnishings, its not uncommon for our customers to want to extend their stay here at Home Networks.

We have many insurance housing locations throughout St. Louis, MO, Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI, and the Milwaukee Metro.

For any special requests for family furnishing, give us a call! Home Networks furnishes to suit the needs of our clients within their budget. Service as needed, reducing expenses, and providing enhanced services to those in need of insurance housing are a few of the benefits that Home Networks provides. When your Insurer looks to you, look to Home Networks—your resident expert in temporary insurance housing!

Catastrophe Team and Adjuster Housing

We also provide emergency temporary housing for catastrophe teams and insurance adjusters when a crisis strikes. We are able to house your team anywhere in the United States in fully furnished condos, apartments, town houses, or single-family homes near to the work site and close to each other. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Call us today! 1-800-516-7356. Take a look at our listings site for specific locations.

 For questions about insurance housing, give us a call at 1-800-516-7356

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