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Broadway Road Show Short Term Housing

When planning to take your show on the road, your primary concerns for lodging should include:

broadway road show housing


  • Cost- You can get much more space and luxury for your temporary housing dollar than at a traditional hotel or motel.
  • Comfort- At Home Networks, we have fully furnished apartments, condominiums, and housing that can include either 1 or 2 bedroom units, full kitchens and baths, and living and dining room space. Why be cramped in a small hotel room when with Home Networks you can book a place you, your performers, and supporting crew will consider their home away from home!
  • Convenience- Location! Location! Location! We have short term stay apartments and condos near most theaters and performing centers in town. The right location can save you from the inconvenience of having to schedule shuttles for performers and crew to and from your performance location, restaurants, and nearby entertainment. The right housing location can make your stay pedestrian friendly and convenient.
  • Safety- We can provide you a more secure alternative than traditional hotels and motels. We can find you an apartment and condo complex that is gated, has on-site security, and is owner and leasee occupied as opposed to the more public nature of hotels and motels.
  • Amenities- We provide you with fresh sheets and luxury bedding, and that is just the beginning of our exquisite homeware options. We can come up with a temporary housing solution to meet the needs of you, your performers and crew to make your in-town stay one of ultimate luxury and convenience so that the show can go on!  Many of our temporary housing locations have all the luxuries of 4 star hotels- swimming pools, saunas, on-site fitness centers and more.

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swimming pool at home networks location

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