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AirBnb (and Other Vacation Rental Companies) vs. Short Term Housing Providers

While both AirBnb and Short Term Housing Providers (such as Home Networks, LLC) provide a temporary place to stay, their service offering is different and are designed to accommodate different needs. Let’s take an in-depth look at both options:

AirBnb (and Other Vacation Rental Companies) vs. Short Term Housing Providers

AirBnb vs. Temporary Furnished Apartment Providers

While both AirBnb and Short Term Housing Providers (such as Home Networks, LLC) provide a temporary place to stay, their service offering is different and are designed to accommodate different needs. Let’s take an in-depth look at both options:

Target Audience


  • Average Stays: ~ 6 days 
  • People looking for a variety of living options – From Apartments, Homes & Yurts, to RV’s, Boats & Castles
  • Are mainly looking for vacation rentals & short term stays
  • Looking for cheaper housing options (average cost is $75 daily)

Corporate Housing:

  • Average Stays: ~ 60-90 days
  • People looking to live in Apartments or Condominiums
  • Those relocating, travelling for business, government employee travel, long term hospital stays..etc
  • People looking to spend less than a hotel stay (average cost is $112)

Housing Arrangements


Although the booking itself is done through AirBnb, the owner of the property is the one managing your rental and making the arrangements for your arrival. This can be both a pro and a con as each property owner (or host) is different. Some hosts are wonderful, and become a great resource for you during your stay. Others may not match your personality type.

Vacation rentals through AirBnb can be rented in many ways – you can rent out the entire house/apartment/living space or you can rent out a portion of the place for a cheaper price. Typically, a host will let you know what their expectations are, and what their relationship they keep with their guests – if they like to stop by on occasion, or if they will be absent for most of your stay.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing companies tends to have a more uniform approach to housing – All apartments/condo’s are booked and managed by the corporate housing company (in addition to the extra services the apartment complex/condo’s have). The corporate housing company typically will rent out furnishings for the apartment, and keeps an inventory on home wares. Although you will not have the same “unique” feel as an AirBnb, corporate housing companies have processes in place to make sure your stay is as hassle free as possible.

Other Factors to Consider


With AirBnb, as well as other Vacation Rentals, based on the availability of the rental, may not be able to extend your stay should circumstances need you to do so. Typically, Corporate Housing providers are able to do this on a month-to-month basis. So if you are not sure exactly what your next few months will be like, unless you want to jump from location to location, corporate housing is a better choice.


Corporate Housing providers are limited on what locations they can provide for housing – meaning they typically cannot rent out a home on the beach in Palm Springs, or a Tree house in Hawaii – that is where vacation rentals such as AirBnb step in. However, corporate housing companies make their income off of providing people with apartments or condo’s that are convenient and close to work, school, or other items of interest.


Because vacation rental sites such as AirBnb rely on the hosts to post their properties online, one location may not always be readily available to rent – even if it is technically “vacant”. Corporate housing companies tend to rent out the same locations month after month – so they have predictable locations ready for rent.


Furnishings & Home Wares

Vacation rentals will vary in terms of what furnishings and home wares they have available. For example some may not have a microwave or typical cooking utensils readily available. Again, because these accommodations are are based on the host, you are not guaranteed to have everything you need to cook in, or serve you and your family.  Corporate housing companies tend to stock the same items in each location, and they have refined their processes so you typically will not need to buy any of your own cookware or utensils.

So Which is Better? Vacation Rentals such as AirBnb or Corporate Housing Companies?

The answer is: it depends – based on what your needs are!

When to use AirBnB or Vacation Rentals: If you are looking for a unique, short, or week long stay with more of a vacation feel and do not mind an occasional check-in with hosts, or communication with hosts, a Vacation rental is a good fit.

When to use Corporate Housing: If you need more structure, need a longer-term or month-to-month accommodation and want everything move-in ready, a corporate housing company tends to be the best option.


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