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Our Experience with Kim and Sue

My husband and I have been working with Kim for more than a year now. She handled the lease for the apartment we are now renting. Kim has been professional, polite, knowledgeable , responsible and conscientious in every transaction and every communication. Kim is extremely competent. Her follow through is admirable. Kim always gets back to us ....her response time is exceptional. She sets a great example for anybody who would watch her work and would be just the person to emulate for anybody who works with the public and, really, at any job. I'm sure you must know that you have a gem of an employee in Kim. Lucky you !

On the occasions that I have called and Kim has not been available I have talked with Sue who is also great ! I have had less contact with Sue but truthfully, she has shown all the same outstanding attributes I have just named in Kim. They are both remarkable !

So let me recap and add a few items to the list of attributes of Kim and Sue :

  • Patient
  • accommodating
  • effecient
  • polite
  • knowledgeable
  • conscientious
  • attentive
  • quick to respond
  • acted as an advocate in instances where I needed help with Mandel group
  • responsible
  • professional

Don't let them go. I can tell you from the perspective of "the customer" that you will NOT find two other such top notch employees. You couldn't be paying them enough ! And, no, I'm not related to either of them.

I will also tell you that I am not easily impressed and my expectations are high. It's not often that I come across people who surpass my "bar".

Thank you for your attention,


Janice and Mike Bernstein

Janice & Mike Bernstein

The Apartment is Amazing!

“This apartment is amazing.  We have loved walking to the grocery.  Starbucks, movies, haircuts, etc.  So very fun!  I had no idea how much we would love it.  I was prepared to be miserable for a month in transition!”

Courtney E.

Courtney E

Beautiful Apartment

I've been living in an apartment provided by Home Networks for over a year now, and I am extremely happy with their service. The location is great (right in East Town), and the apartment is beautiful!

The best part is they combined all my utility and rent bills into one statement, and everything is handled by them which made my life so much easier!

I would totally recommend them to anyone looking to rent short term. I know they have specials running on their website, so look out for those.

Chad W, NYC

I stayed in Milwaukee, WI for 3 months and had a wonderful time! The room was set up perfectly and all of the logistics were so smooth. I was traveling for a short stint with 2 toddlers, so the services from Home Networks made my life so much easier.

On top of that, when I forgot some crucial things after moving out, they mailed them back to me! I was thrilled! Thanks so much!

Scott Boyce
Direct Supply

When I need a Temporary Home

When I travel from city to city and county to county comfortable housing to me is very important. I found Home Networks showed me their professionalism and commitment to providing me the best personalized living experience in their Wisconsin Housing. The suburban community was the best choice for me and my family. The staff was the best working with us on every detail we needed. The quality of housewares and linens were the best we found in America. So thanks to Home Networks and their outstanding staff.

Jerry Wilson

You Made Us Feel Welcome

To Everyone at Home Networks, thank you so much for the kindness and generosity you showed us during our stay in Milwaukee. You made us feel welcome and helped turn a stressful situation into something we could live with. We loved welcome basket! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!

Quick Service

"Quick service and amazing temporary housing! Would love to do business with them again."


superpages review

Very prompt and excellent service

Home network is too good. I have been staying at a home network unit for more than 1 year now. Their sales, support and operations service is too good. I have stayed in various coroporate furnished apts and i can tell home networks is the best.
I will defintely recommend them to others
Thanks a lot for making the stay a memorable one

Venkataramani Krishnan

Apartment furnishing were excellent!

Apartment furnishing were excellent. Artwork and accessories were very appropriate and of high value.

Very easy to work with

Very easy to work with. Facility is very clean and well kept.

Overall experience has been very good!

It is better than a motel for an extended stay. The anmenities have been good Overall experience has been very good

Finally a company that cares

After being in business for over 6 years I can honestly say I have not worked with a company before better than Home Networks LLC. Every step of the way Home Networks actually cares about their client and will do whatever it takes to make sure the client is 100% satisfied.


Chad Waldron
One Click WI

Great Staff

I have worked with Home Networks LLC for many years, and I have to say, they are just so much fun to work with. I haven’t run into a staff member I haven’t liked. 5 star service!

Bridget Mysz



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